Hitachi NR1890DR

With regards to battery powered framing nailers—nailers that exclusive utilize a battery and not gas cartridges—there are just two players presently available, with a third conceivably due out in the not so distant future. This is the Hitachi NR1890DR. It’s a 3-1/2″ 18V cordless plastic strip framing nailer. Hitachi likewise makes the close indistinguishable NR1890DC which is the paper-gathered variant. This Hitachi cordless framing nailer has some entirely cool highlights. I need to go over those and additionally a portion of the testing we did while framing up a home theater riser.

Hitachi NR1890DR
Hitachi NR1890DR

Hitachi Cordless Framing Nailer Features

  • Models: Hitachi NR1890DC (30-degree), Hitachi NR1890DR (21-degree)
  • Air Drive Spring System
  • Brushless Motor
  • On-Tool Control Panel
  • 2 Modes of Actuation: Sequential or Bump Fire
  • Automatic Shutoff After 30 Minutes of Inactivity
  • Tool-less Depth of Drive Selection
  • Pivoting Rafter Hook
  • Ergonomic, Non-Slip Rubber Grip
  • Dry-Fire Lockout
  • Safety Lockout Feature
  • Lifetime Lithium-Ion Tool Warranty
  • 2-Year Lithium-Ion Battery Warranty
  • 1-Year Lithium-Ion Charger Warranty


When this tool came in I had plans for it. In my house, there’s a performance center room, yet I needed to add a riser to raise a second line of seats. Truly, I extremely like motion pictures. Anyway, I have some involvement with this, and it includes nailing together a joist-like arrangement of 2x8s finished with 3/4-inch pressed wood. I spread out the example, slice my wood to estimate and got down to business with the new Hitachi cordless framing nailer.

I utilized both knock fire and single fire modes, however regularly adhered to single fire just to permit me more control. I was nailing on a bend and a portion of the wood had a touch of curve to it. I needed to make sure to remain on focus. Two words rung a bell as I utilized the tool: sure, and speedy. I likewise extremely like the tip. It offers a decent measure of snatch for calculated terminating and toenailing.

Sooner or later, the tool felt a bit on the substantial side. Presently I was slouched over in a confined space. In the event that you can stand and work ordinarily, I don’t feel that will be so quite a bit of an issue. This is, all things considered, an awesome punch-rundown or venture tool and not something intended to supplant your essential framing pneumatic nailer.


The tool has a security include whereby it turns itself off following 30 minutes of idleness. On the off chance that you go to lunch, no one’s going to “unintentionally” release a nail. It likewise spares the battery life. Hitachi claims their cordless framing nailers can drive upwards of 400 nails on a solitary accuse of the included compact 3.0Ah battery.

We didn’t do full run-time testing, however we utilized two or three sticks of nails on our riser undertaking and after that terminated a couple more sticks on some interior testing. After around 150 nails regardless it appeared over a large portion of the battery life remaining.

Fire Safety

Hitachi had security as a primary concern when they composed this tool. Suppose you’re in knock fire mode and you pull the trigger however get occupied. It happens, trust me.

Hitachi makes it so the nailer head must be discouraged inside 2 seconds or it won’t fire. Give me a chance to demonstrate to you how this functions. The same happens in successive mode yet in turn around. The trigger must be pulled inside 2 seconds of discouraging the nailer head or else the trigger bolts out. Resetting is simple. You simply discharge the trigger and draw it again to continue onward.


Hitachi has aced ergonomics, and the normal non-slip rubber treated hold that we adore on their cordless drivers is fit as a fiddle with the NR1890DR. It’s not as molded as Hitachi’s drills and effect drivers, however it’s unquestionably curvier than their pneumatic composers. I mean the tools… the composers utilizing these tools are normally a great deal curvier… regularly right in front. Anyway, I like the adjust of the tool.

It likewise moves effortlessly. It is somewhat substantial, however. With a compact 3.0Ah battery, this nailer tips the scales at 10.2 lbs. For reference, the DeWalt weighs 9.25 lbs with their 4 Ah battery, and a run of the mill pneumatic designer weighs around 8.7 lbs. In case you’re holding it upright for long, you’ll feel it. On a level plane and toe nailing… not really. Despite everything I think the time-funds for snappy punch-list occupations still makes it beneficial.

The Bottom Line

Generally, I’m extremely happy to see Hitachi tossing in with cordless framing nailers. This is a strong item in that class, however Hitachi is following repeatability and power at the conceivable cost of weight-funds, and that is a bet. Get to a Hitachi merchant and check whether they’ll give you a chance to demo one of these. You need to get it in your grasp and check whether it may be a tool that will spare you time and cash.

One all the more thing. The units come bundled with this new Hitachi Compact 3 Ah Lithium-particle battery and a charger. Presently, comprehend—this battery offers an indistinguishable power and runtime from Hitachi’s unique 3.0 battery. It simply does as such with 5 cells rather than 10. That makes it 3/4″ shorter and drops 0.6 lbs off the weight. It’s essentially twice as thick as far as power.